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Cool Concrete - Certified Diamapro® UV Systems Installers

DiamondPro® Installers Twin Falls, ID

For almost five decades, we at Cool Concrete have been at the fore of the concrete flooring industry and have been catering to clients throughout Idaho and Northern Utah. We cater to residential, commercial and industrial clients and are focused on providing decorative concrete solutions that are aesthetically appealing, resilient, functional and durable.

What sets us apart from many other concrete flooring contractors in the industry is our commitment to excellence and the fact that we are extremely dynamic in our approach to our business. This is why we always focus on constant innovation and keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry.

When we handle any concrete installation job for our clients, we like to ensure that the surfaces perform well and provide years of trouble-free service. This assurance of quality comes from using the best products in the market. We use the latest techniques and equipment in our work, ensuring that our decorative concrete installations are impeccable in every way.

We are proud to announce that Cool Concrete is now a Certified DiamaPro® UV Systems installer.

What is DiamaPro®?

The DiamaPro® product is a highly durable, stain and chemical-resistant urethane coating that provides excellent protection to your concrete flooring, from microbial and chemical attack and physical wear. It’s the ideal coating for retail, institutional, commercial, and industrial floors. These surfaces constantly endure heavy foot and forklift traffic, chemical & petroleum spills, and acidic & caustic agents.

Unlike traditional concrete coatings, DiamaPro™ UV - HS Plus is a revolutionary product that cures immediately when exposed to UV light. A portable ultraviolet light is passed over the wet coating. The photo-initiator reacts quickly with the UV light and instantly cures the film.

What makes this product unique is that it’s a single component material which means there is no requirement to mix multiple products prior to application. It starts providing protection to the floors with minimal service disruption and downtime. These factors make it an ideal product for hardworking concrete floors.

Cool Concrete Are Certified Diamapro® UV Systems Installers

We at cool concrete have years of experience in concrete surface coloring, sealing, polishing, and coating. But we are always open to new learning and the priority is to make sure that our clients get the best and latest concrete products and finishes on the market. Since DiamaPro UV Systems are essentially industrial-grade formulations they must be applied only by specially trained & certified installers. Diamapro’s master distributor, Niagara Machine, conducts training seminars at a state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte, NC.

The Cool Concrete technicians attend these seminars in which hands-on sessions are conducted to cover the process used in the DiamaPro application. The thorough training sessions cover everything from detailed floor preparation to the coating application as well as the UV curing.

Cool Concrete is a forward-looking company that never compromises on quality, whether it is in the products we use, methods and techniques we implement in our projects. Our Diamapro® certification means that when you choose to hire us for these specialized jobs, you can rest assured they will be done right. Not only does this ensure the finish and quality of the product, but also the overall service life and value of your decorative concrete flooring.

Where Diamapro® Coatings Can Be Used

We now use Diamapro® UV-cured coatings in many of our projects. In addition to using these top quality surface application products, we are able to achieve the high levels of finesse in our work because we never compromise on the quality of our work in any aspect.

This is why we also use Diamapro® brand UV curing lights, diamond tooling & accessories and concrete maintenance equipment, required for detailed concrete floor preparation and coating. This equipment and the coatings have undergone extensive field-testing at hundreds of diverse sites across the nation. They are suitable for use in settings such as:

  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail stores
  • Standalone stores
  • Healthcare and medical centers
  • Veterinary centers
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Government buildings
  • Many more

Case Study - Newark Penn Station Gets A Makeover With Diamapro® UV Concrete Coatings

One of the latest projects using this revolutionary DiamaPro® UV concrete coating system was at the Newark Penn Station. It is a major transportation hub that’s located in Newark, NJ and is served by numerous bus and rail carriers.

Needless to say, this setting sees a significant amount of foot traffic every day. They needed a floor coating that would be hardworking, resilient, aesthetically appealing and extremely durable. The old flooring was restored and rejuvenated using this product. This work was carried out with the least amount of disruption to the pedestrian traffic. Months after the application, the surface looks as new as the day it was installed.

Diamapro® UV - Cured Coatings - The Benefits

  • These specialized coatings achieve very high levels of corrosion and abrasion-resistance to extend the value and the service life of your concrete flooring.
  • An innovative antimicrobial technology called Microban® is infused into the DiamaPro UV HS Plus product during its manufacturing process. This helps prevent the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, ensuring optimal sanitation and cleanliness.
  • The coating is specially designed for terrazzo floors and concrete applications requiring outstanding protection from abrasion.
  • It provides extreme resistance to deterioration from food and liquid spills.
  • The surface becomes resistant to ice-melting chemicals which makes it ideal for outdoor concrete applications too.
  • Highly durable - its polymeric structure forms a cross-linked, tight chemical bond near the substrate’s surfaces. This acts as a barrier against chemicals and moisture.
  • DiamaPro provides excellent protection against the erosive action of heavy fork-lift movement and foot traffic.
  • This coating is particularly effective for service departments, offices, vending areas, and restrooms.
  • DiamaPro UV-HS Plus provides an easy to clean surface
  • Its coefficient of friction exceeds all existing regulatory requirements, providing a safe surface for both customers and employees.
  • The application is quick because there is no measuring or mixing of multiple components - it’s a one-component system that’s ready for use.
  • It has low-VOC content and is odorless, making it safe to use in all types of indoor applications.
  • Won't chip, peel or crack making it ideal for retail, commercial & industrial floors that have to withstand considerable wear and tear every day.
  • Easy to maintain - regular sweeping, mopping or scrubbing is all that’s required to maintain your DiamaPro UV-coated concrete floors.
  • Provides an aesthetically appealing, well-finished surface.
  • It’s available in matte and gloss finishes. Concrete flooring shines long after it'sbeen coated, resulting in a more reflective, bright workspace.
  • On new floors, you get a reflective, clear surface similar to a polished concrete floor. For restored floors, you get a softer, reflective finish.
  • The surface offers excellent slip-resistance. In excessively wet areas like wash bays, where better traction is required, we will add a blended aluminum oxide aggregate prior to curing. Anti-slip additives are mixed in the formula (as recommended by the brand) to provide an added degree of safety. This results in safer wet walking surfaces.

Minimal Downtime and Disruption

This is probably one of the major advantages of opting for the DiamaPro coating. Since it cures instantly there is no downtime which becomes a huge plus for commercial settings as they can’t afford major disruption of the daily activities on their premises.

The Cool Concrete team has undergone the specialized training required to be certified DiamaPro UV DiamaPro® installers. When you hire us for this job, you have the assurance that the work will be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards. This helps maintain the integrity of the surface and ensures you have concrete floors that not only look great but also provide years of trouble-free service.

Regardless of whether you want additional protection for your retail, commercial or industrial concrete floor, we at Cool Concrete can provide excellent DiamaPro UV DiamaPro® application services.

DiamaPro Line Striping

In addition to DiamaPro® UV concrete coating services; we are also certified installers of DiamaPro Line Striping. This is another unique product that cures immediately and you don’t lose any operation or production time while waiting for the striped areas to completely dry and cure.

The striping fuses with the surface underneath to produce a very solid and clear colored film. It is an extremely durable coating system that won’t peel away or chip like tape. It’s very effective in indicating safety &pedestrian traffic zones.

Contact the Certified Diamapro® UV Systems Installers

If you are looking for a resilient, low-maintenance, aesthetically appealing and durable concrete coating solution, Cool Concrete is the company to call. As Certified Diamapro® UV Systems Installers, the products, equipment, and techniques we use in our work help ensure you get concrete surfaces that are impeccable in every way.

We provide lasting concrete flooring and finishing solutions that will stand the test of time. Whether you want a residential, commercial, retail or industrial concrete floor installed, restored or coated, our team of licensed and insured installers will ensure you get the best services. For more information, feel free to call Cool Concrete at 208-731-1244 or connect with us via this Contact Us form.

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