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Concrete Staining and Acid Staining

Acid stain solutions are used to stain concrete and create decorative concrete finishes, transforming plain gray concrete into a variety of mottled, variegated, translucent and authentic appearing concrete designs and finishes.

Concrete Staining and Acid Staining

The concrete mix and chemical properties of the concrete slab makes each and every treatment exclusive, be it a previously colored concrete slab or a textured floor. This is where the true magnificence of concrete staining lies.

Acid stains are neither a paint layer nor film forming instrument but rather are an infiltrating, translucent coloring agent used to stain concrete with a result that resembles that of natural substances. Unlike acrylic concrete stains, acid stains do not fade rapidly, peel, flake, or delaminate. The chemical reaction is created from a combination of acidic mixtures and metallic salts, that when applied to concrete surfaces will react with the free lime content of the concrete slab, leaving a lasting and distinctive surface that can vividly color and transform concrete enhancing its own exclusive appeal.

There are numerous design methods and results that are possible with acid stains. For a more controlled treatment, Cool Concrete recommends using one of their concrete overlay systems; THIN-FINISH™, TEXTURE-PAVE™ or MICRO-FINISH™, all of which can be naturally colored and will produce a wider variety of colors, effects and patterns. Applying multiple colored stains on textured and stamped concrete broadens the endless coloring possibilities. Acid stains can be combined with other concrete coloring applications. Elite Crete Systems concrete dyes can be combined with acid staining it to make matching and blending designer floors easier than ever before.

Keep in mind that you cannot always apply concrete stain. Some surface contaminates shield the slab from receiving the staining process. Also, concrete surfaces that have been over exposed to harsh climate and traffic misuse will not benefit from the full effects of an acid stain. We suggest the surface be repaired and coated with an Elite Crete Systems polymer modified cementations concrete overlay first.

CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain is Elite Crete Systems penetrating, concrete stain. Elite Crete does not sell a diluted acid stain but rather a condensed stain that provides the customer a wider color palette making it cost effective.

Distinct Benefits

Though this process of concrete staining is also called acid staining, it is not acid that actually produces the final color. As a matter of fact, it is the oxidation that occurs with the calcium and metallic salts in the concrete that creates the final finish. The benefits of concrete staining are:

  • Variety in Designs- Since there is a range of coloring materials to choose from like color washes, water-based stains and solvent dyes; it is possible to get a variety of concrete flooring designs and the potential is truly limitless. This gives us the ability to create the most unique looking interior and exterior concrete floors in your home, office or any other commercial property.

  • Maintenance- Once Cool Concrete has completed the concrete staining to perfection; we also finish the surface with high-quality sealers and other floor finishes. This ensures the longevity of these surfaces and maintenance becomes very easy too. Regular sweeping and light mopping is all that is required to keep your concrete floors looking new.

  • Cost-Effective- Concrete that has been stained with acid is a very cost-effective flooring option in comparison to a number of other options that are currently available in the market such as tiles, wood, carpet, slate and terrazzo.

  • Versatile- Floors that have undergone the process of concrete staining are very versatile and can be used in residential, commercial as well as industrial spaces.

  • Allergy-Free- Concrete staining creates a top layer on the flooring, and repels moss and mildew and since no dust gathers in the manner that it does on carpets etc., it also helps keep your home allergy-free.

The Process

Cool Concrete is a company that has been consistently serving thousands of customers since 1975. We have carried out a number of concrete staining/etching projects in homes and commercial establishments. Here are some facts about this process:

  • Etching is the process via which the concrete’s slick surface is roughened with different chemicals. Though a grinder can also be used to roughen the surface, acid is much more effective and there is also lesser dust flying around.

  • Once the acid has been poured on the concrete surface, it creates very tiny holes on it. This helps it bond well with any coatings like stain, epoxy or paint.

  • Acid that has been combined with stain will effectively etch & color the concrete flooring all at one time.

  • We carry out this application with a lot of care and it is not a job that you want a novice to carry out for you. We have to ensure that the thin and puddle areas are avoided as excess of acid in these areas can make the surface look mottled.

  • Once the etching is complete, we apply a neutralizer on the surface, which stops the chemical reaction.

  • The final effect is marble-like and you get a surface that is wonderfully unique.

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Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 1
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 2
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 3
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 4
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 5
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 6
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 7
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 8
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 9
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 10
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
Photo 11
Exterior Concrete Staining and Acid Staining
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