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Floor and Surface Prep

Coatings and flooring systems need to be applied to carefully-prepared concrete substrate surfaces in order to get to get the best results. Placing the coating on an unprepared surface will not only compromise the beauty and finish of it but also reduce the lifespan and efficiency. At Cool Concrete, we always prepare the surface carefully before applying any of our flooring system or coating options.

Our experts have installed new and old concrete floors in Jerome, Idaho Falls, Hailey, Gooding, and Ketchum. We have carried out floor and surface preparation in commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Montpelier, Lewiston, Soda Springs, Mountain Home, and Pocatello and are very familiar with the process.

Different Kinds of Flooring and Surface Prep

We are familiar with different kinds of flooring and surface preparation requirements and know what kind of tools and techniques we need to use to get the best results. Here’s a brief introduction to what we can do:

1. Removing Floor Coverings

Our team can remove all kinds of old floor coverings from the concrete substrate carefully and efficiently. We’ll make sure the substrate isn’t too damaged during the removal process and will take new coatings or coverings well. We can remove coverings like carpets, tiles, vinyl, and even wood planks.

2. Coatings Removal

Removing coating requires a different skill set and range of tools because these coverings adhere to the concrete substrate and bond with the surface material. We carefully remove all sealants and paints from the concrete resurface and make sure it’s not damaged during the removal process. Once the coatings and sealants are removed, the floor is ready for newer coverings like carpets.

3. Preparation Grinding

Grinding is the process of removing the surface layer of the concrete substrate. This surface layer usually has the most cracks, dullness, stains, older coatings, and coverings, etc. Once the thin layer is removed, the concrete floor is clean and ready to accept other treatments like new coatings or sealants, floor coverings like carpets and tiles, or advanced finishing options like concrete polishing.

4. Floor Leveling

If the concrete surface isn’t level and smooth, it won’t accept other floor coverings and treatments well. The surface will also have depressed areas where water might accumulate and form puddles. Our team will use effective and high-quality concrete floor repair and leveling solutions to ensure the floor is flat and even.

5. Ramp Construction

We can create ramps and transition surfaces with cement or epoxy mortar. We recommend epoxy mortar for commercial or industrial applications because it’s 2 to 4 times more resilient and is abrasion resistant.

6. Repairing Joints and Cracks

Concrete surfaces shrink and expand with the changes in temperature. They can also shift and flex when they’re under pressure, which leads to the development of cracks and flaws in joints. We fix cracks with good quality materials and fillers like epoxy mortar. Our team can repair spalled joints to ensure the surface is even and strong.

If you want to know more about flooring and surface preparation, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cool Concrete through our online form or call 208-731-1244.

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Floor and Surface Prep
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Floor and Surface Prep
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Floor and Surface Prep
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Floor and Surface Prep
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Floor and Surface Prep
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